Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

Leadership and uniqueness in technical and management courses provision to be at the first rank at all levels.

  • Preparation of human recourses to be qualified and competitive in technical and management specialization; raising their proficiencies depending on market needs through training courses design; evaluation and executing in a highest quality standards
  • Cooperating with the best recognized and recommended universities and higher educational organizations to raise quality of training.
  • Market needs provision with the best qualified human resources.

Our overall strategic Goal:

BMTC seeks to present the most updated and latest courses at all levels and in all specifications to raise governmental and private sectors and employees performance..

Our competitive strategy:
BMTC takes the responsibility of practicing excellence to achieve its goals that aims at organizing and tying relations among organizations according to competitive principles as well as achieving added value in training courses and services as well.

Our Values

  • Organization belonging.
  • Spirit of teamwork.
  • Transparency.
  • Performance excellence.
  • Continuing training.
  • Objective in training.
  • Management by facts.
  • Flexibility & changes reactions.